Building an Enterprise Sales Team

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Jeremy Seltzer

VP of Worldwide Sales

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Building an Enterprise Sales Team

Building a high performing enterprise sales team at a startup is no easy task. What attributes do you look for in your first hires? How do you compensate them? Do you hire a BDR or an Enterprise AE first? What sales processes do you setup first?

Our panelist of all-star enterprise sales leaders share their war stories and answer questions about early stage challenges. 

David Greenberger

VP of Sales


Adam Landsman

VP of Sales

Honest Buildings

12. Tips for Managing a Long Sales Cycle

1. Intro / How to Evaluate Enterprise Sales Candidates

2. How to Determine the BDR ➡️ AE Handoff

3. Forecasting Tips for Enterprise Sales Cycles

4. Which Internal Meetings to Prioritize on Your Team

11. How to Choose Sales Recruiting Resources

5. The Most Impactful Sales Tools

Individual Question Segments

6. Your First 90 Days Managing a New Team

7. Managing Problems with New Customers

8. Best Practices for Promoting from Within

9. Managing the Ramp Period for New Sales Hires

10. Tips for Identifying Top Sales Talent