Hiring and Retaining Top Sales Talent

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Tracey Solanas

VP of Sales @ ShopKeep

Hiring and Retaining Top Sales Talent

In the past years, the competition for sales talent has become fierce as new funding often catalyzes hiring of revenue generators. As a sales team grows larger, retaining top performers becomes a challenge as reps get bombarded with new opportunities. 

Our discussion focuses on key talent strategies startups should implement to build the right foundation for scaling a top revenue generating team.

Robert Lopez

VP of Sales @ Justworks

Tim Bryan

CRO @ Custora

6. How to Test Sales Skills in the Interview Process

2. How to Get Genuine Feedback from Your Employees

Individual Question Segments

4. Tactical Strategies for Retaining Top Sales Reps

8. Difference Between VP of Sales and Director of Sales

1. Differences in Hiring Between Small and Large Teams

3. How to Process Employee Terminations

5. When to Start Focusing on Talent Retention

7. How to Build Diversity in Startup Sales Teams

9. How to Choose a Sales Job