Building A Diverse and Inclusive Corporate Culture

HRX is an event series that brings together HR Leaders at high growth innovation companies to network and share best practices.

The Q2 event focuses about how Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are implemented on different organizations.  View and gain practical ideas and steps to take to improve your own workplace culture.

Watch our full discussion, or scroll down to watch the individual question segments.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Introduction - How do you define diversity and inclusion?

2. How do you know when you're ready to implement a diversity and inclusion program?

3. Consequences of ignoring readiness for Diversity and Inclusion

4. Action Items for Diversity and Inclusion Programs

5. Convincing Startup Leaders to Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion

6. Challenges you've faced implementing Diversity and Inclusion

7. Getting junior staff involved in Diversity and Inclusion

8. What budget items should be accounted for when planning Diversity and Inclusion

9. How can younger employees communicate their goals to older generations?

10. Navigating health and wellness benefits with Diversity and Inclusion in mind.

11. Implementing mentorship programs

12. Properly implementing referral bonuses for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

13. Tips for becoming socioeconomically diverse

14. Ideas to incentivize leaders to participate in Diversity and Inclusion causes

15. Shifting the onus of Diversity and Inclusion responsibility