Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

HRX is an event series that brings together HR Leaders at high growth innovation companies to network and share best practices.

Peter Phelan of ValuesCulture, Lindsey Dole of Updater, Toni Thompson of The Muse, and Keryn Koch of CommonBond discuss best practices for employer branding and recruitment marketing.  

Watch our full discussion, or scroll down to watch the individual question segments.

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Individual Question Segments

1. What gets in the way of investing in employer branding/recruitment marketing?

2. Examples of successful employer branding & recruitment marketing ROI

3. Balancing doing things quickly vs. right in today's vast HR environment

4. Measuring ROI at the top of the funnel of recruitment marketing initiatives

5. Can employer marketing go too far?

6. What tools/frameworks have you invested in for recruitment marketing/branding?

7. Prioritizing internal vs. external needs

8. Does the presence of a big company like Amazon change your employer branding?

9. Methods to get buy-in from the C-level on branding/marketing initiatives

10. Projecting a unified culture across varied locations

11. Partnership between HR & Marketing regarding employer branding