Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout at High Growth Startups

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HRX is an event series that brings together HR Leaders at high growth innovation companies to network and share best practices.

The Q4 event is focused on the topic of managing stress and work life balance. We’re excited to feature three panelists who have extensive experience scaling high growth startups.   

Watch our full discussion, or scroll down to watch the individual question segments.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout - Introduction

2. Level of stress as it relates to culture

3. Good stress vs. bad stress

4. Practical, immediate HR resources

5. Dealing with trickle-down stress

6. Managing different internal microcultures

7. Staying excited about a startup's journey

8. Harnessing innovation vs. day to day

9. Balancing business goals and employee happiness

10. How to tell when an employee is stressed

11. Gauging employees' moods at scale

12. Correcting problematic workplace stress

13. Maintaining "hustle" when scaling

14. HR & Talent Acquisition: working together

15. Differences in employee perks besides salary increases