Scaling Company Culture

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Culture is crucial to your startup's success. Unfortunately many startups don't proactively invest in a building a great culture until it's too late. This impacts everything from recruiting, to your team's performance as well as customer satisfaction.

Our discussion focuses on the fundamentals of building a great culture at a startup. 

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Individual Question Segments

1. Introduction - Scaling Company Culture

2. How do You Define Company Culture

3. Identifying Problems with Company Culture

4. How to Address and Correct Cultural Issues

5. Company Culture Assessment Tools

6. Addressing Glassdoor Reviews

7. Recruiting for Diversity While Maintaining Culture

8. Tactics for Determining Cultural Alignment

9. Reviewing and Updating Hiring Rubrics

10. Successes and Failures with Binary Hiring Traits

11. Maintaining Transparency During Growth

12. Transparency with Employee Compensation

13. Using Company Culture as a Recruiting Tool

14. Psychometrics in the Recruiting Process

15. Coaching CEOs to Focus on Culture

16. Making Employees Feel "Part of Something"