Scaling Recruiting Operations

HRX is an event series that brings together HR Leaders at high growth innovation companies to network and share best practices.

The Q3 event focuses about how  scaling talent acquisitions are implemented on different organizations.  Watch and gain practical ideas and steps to take to attract and hire top talent by scaling your team’s recruiting operations.

Watch our full discussion, or scroll down to watch the individual question segments.

Full Video

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Individual Question Segments

1. Introduction - How many people has your company hired in the past year?

2. How do you handle  periods of high growth?

3. How do you know when it's time to start a recruiting function?

4. Deciding between hiring an HR generalist or Talent Ops specialist first

5. Budget decisions while hiring Talent Ops  and building out a Team

6. What's in your recruiting stack?

7. Effective employee referral programs

8. What are the most important KPIs that you track? 

9. Best practices for aligning Hiring Managers and Talent Ops

10. Optimizing recruiting operations

11. Preferences when using external recruiters