20+ sales leaders from high-growth startups share their first hand insights on driving revenue.

Tactics for Scaling Modern Sales Teams


There is an entire world of sales content available online, but the majority of the articles you’ll find are too high level or they simply offer the same generic advice you hear over and over again.

We've decided to take the approach of focusing on real, tactical strategies from sales leaders with first-hand experience building hyper-growth teams.

Over the past few years we've interviewed over 50+ sales leaders with a combined 500 years of experience scaling some of the highest profile tech companies. The following posts include first hand learnings from the people who built the sales teams at Greenhouse, SinglePlatform, Livestream, ZocDoc, Justworks, Yotpo and many more.

This following content includes the very best insights taken from these tech sales leaders on everything from building sales teams, sales strategy, training and onboarding, compensation structure, team culture and everything in-between. We hope you’ll find these insights useful as you scale your own revenue generating team.

Scaling Modern Sales Teams